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Fall cocktails to heat up your wedding!

It’s a beautiful fall Monday, and I think the perfect way to start the week off in the right way is with some tasty fall cocktail inspiration that is sure to keep you and your guests warm on a chilly night. In addition to the all-time favorite fall beverages, hot cocoa, Irish coffee and warm…

2018 Design Trend: Metallic Wedding Nails!

When it comes to your wedding day, it is simply not enough to have the perfect dress with spot on hair and makeup. You must also make sure that your nails are looking absolutely perfect. After all your hands are basically the stars of the show with all the new bling you will have to…

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About Alexan Events

At Alexan Events, we do so much more for our clients than your average designer. Because we know that it is important to our clients that their experience be unique and extremely personal, we tailor all of our services to those that we work with and for. 

With backgrounds in floral design and formal design schooling, our constant goal and passion is to provide you with a complete, polished and stunning event. 

To us, it is paramount that each wedding be as personal, intimate and unique as those that it is being created for.  Our goal is to keep you from having to settle at any point during the design process. We work tirelessly to ensure that you will have your ideal event without compromise and with complete regard to your privacy.

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