Thankful for Stunning Thanksgiving Day Tablescapes!

As we gather to celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday with our nearest and dearest, we designers can’t help but think about the best way to create a classy and classic display for our table tops. With all the focus on the food it is easy to forget how fun it can be to create a festive and unique holiday table centerpiece. Continue reading to see some of my favorite simple tablescapes created to take your holiday feast to the next level!

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If you have some un-carved pumpkins still hanging around from Halloween, put them to good use on your Thanksgiving day table. Add in some pine cones for a bit more holiday flair, paint them to match your decor or mix them with gourdes and kale. You can even hollow out your leftover pumpkins and create beautifully unique floral arrangements or succulent displays!

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Fresh fruit is always an Alexan Events favorite! Mix brightly colored citrus with holiday greenery to get you in the spirit or hollow out some apples to make fun votive holders and echo a spiced apple cider themed beverage.

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You can never go wrong with pheasant feathers and fresh herbs on your Thanksgiving table. Feathers and antlers mixed with a runner of fresh greenery will make you feel like you are in the snowy mountains even if you are on the coast. Fresh herbs add another sensory element to your table that complements the delicious holiday feast.

Whether you are celebrating this holiday season with a big elaborate “Friendsgiving” or cozying up with a few of those closest to you, there are stylish options for making your table match any atmosphere. Simply incorporating the common elements around you can have a surprisingly huge affect. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!


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