To Veil or Not To Veil That is the Question

To veil or not to veil?! This is one of the questions that will stand the test of time. Whether a bride wears a veil or not is completely subjective. However, as I am planning my own wedding, these questions come up more than I ever thought they would. Here are some ideas and pictures to help you in your direction!

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Whether you go a traditional route and have a long simple veil or you are a little more daring and want to add some dazzle to your veil, they can all be gorgeous. The photos of a bride in her veil can be so stunning! The fabric of the veil adds such a soft and magical texture to a photo.

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4

Now, the question gets deeper! Not only can veils be worn, but how about a blusher? I love these cute blushers that are so simple, classy and cute at the same time. If you are a soon to be bride and you are debating the veil question, good luck! I hope this helps you decide one way or the other. Cheers!


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