Unique Bridal Outfits and Accessories for 2018

I love a good unique bridal outfit. As a wedding designer and florist, I see so many brides. While I am a traditionalist in some regards, I get sick of seeing the same dress, hair and jewelry every weekend in the Rocky Mountains in Beaver Creek, Vail or Denver. So, here are some amazing and truly unique ideas to spruce up your wedding dress, outfit, and accessory shopping.

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I had to write this blog after seeing this first photo. I can’t even tell if it is a mini veil or earrings but either way I love it. The second photo is such a crazy dress. I would love to be able to have this for my own wedding! How unique!

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Um, these hats are everything. From a ten gallon hat to a lace sun hat, the look is crazy unique for any wedding. I also love the unique bell sleeves, statement earrings and feathers! When it comes to choosing your wedding day outfit and accessories, you could go plain jane and traditional. But, you know what, girl? Life is short! Go for it!


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