Unique Place Settings for Every Bride

Weddings are supposed to be fun, right?! Why not add in a little humor, joy, beauty into your wedding day table setting? Here at Alexan Events, we are just a bunch of goofballs. So, when the opportunity arises for us to introduce some lovely, unique ideas into a design, we run with it. Check out these fun ideas!

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This gorgeous styled shoot based on the phases of the moon drew me to this idea of using a unique item as a plate decoration. I love this gorgeous brass moon phase ornament! They even matched their macaroons with the moon phases…. So cool! Click on the source for the link to the whole blog post. It is stunning. If you are not that celestial inspired yet you are a bit goofy, try giving your guests party animals! Or this simple and elegant tile for a charger. Love it.

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When we design Rocky Mountain Colorado weddings, we often use fruit in our decor to add an element of freshness, juiciness and a little texture. I love this bright red pomegranate for a place holder. For the artist in all of us, consider a little canvas and easel to mark your guest’s spots. All of these unique ideas will fit any bride and any style. Have fun creating!


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