Wedding Day Blues: Our Favorite Blue Bridal Blooms!

Looking for that little touch of “something blue” on your wedding day? If you ask for my ideas, I am likely to point you in the direction of a beautiful blue flower or foliage or plant that can be added to your bridal bouquet for just the right amount of this important color. Today I have put together a small collection of some old standards and some lesser know favorite blue options that make excellent additions to any wedding bouquet.

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First and foremost, two old standards in the blue color scheme are the blue hydrangea and blue dephinium. Hydrangeas create an excellent backdrop and structure for tucking in other blooms giving your bouquet fullness without an overwhelming amount of blue. Delphinium can also be tucked in here and there for a more structured bouquet, but my favorite is to let it branch out in a lush garden-style bouquet.

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A few slightly lesser know flowers that are sweet additions for a nod to “something blue” are the blue scabiosa, grape hyacinth, nigella and forget-me-not, as seen in this order above. My favorite way of using blue flowers in bridal bouquets is with just a few stems to add fun texture and colorful interest.

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For the bride looking for something a little more nontraditional or wanting to play with texture, there are several blue options available. As the succulent and airplant craze continues on, these two plants create really amazing texture and that beautiful blue-grey color that we are talking about. Blue thistle creates height while blue viburnum adds a deep, moody feel with its almost black berries. I will never tire of the look blue viburnum creates when added to a bouquet of deep red and burgundy!

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Last but definitely not least on my list is every brides favorite, blue foliage. Eucalyptus is a forever staple in this category loved for its color as well as its unique shape and there are so many different varieties to choose from! Dusty miller is an excellent choice for adding soft, full texture. Sometimes bouquets with lots of greenery can get a little busy, but adding a few stems of dusty miller will bring the design together and create shape without drawing attention away from your focal flowers or overall design.

Whether blue is your favorite color and the highlight of your floral color scheme or is simply playing a small part, the options available create the opportunity for creativity and unique style. Even if it is not your signature color, adding pops of blue blooms or foliage can really take your wedding day floral theme to the next level!


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