Wedding Design Trend: Aspen Decor.

When you love aspen trees as much as we do, you won’t be satisfied with simply getting married in an aspen grove. Along with having your ceremony and reception at a beautiful location like Zach’s Cabin which is surrounded by stunning aspen trees, why not choose the aspen as your wedding theme! Here are some Alexan Events aspen decor favorites.

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We love the simple clean lines of an altar structure made of thin aspen branches. A beautifully slender structure that looks stunning covered in your favorite greenery and clusters of flowers. If you’re not using the traditional altar structure there are plenty more ways to use aspen. From small bunches that hold up smaller arrangements to large assorted clusters to make you feel as if you are in a small aspen forest.

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Aspen logs with little notches make great escort card or table number holders. Hollow out a few aspen logs for small floral arrangements or if you are looking for something a little less ordinary, aspen wraps on long low table centerpieces.

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Clusters of aspen logs covered in copious amounts of candles are a clean and classy decor choice. The way the light reflects off the white bark is simple gorgeous all on its own or surrounded in holiday greenery and matching little white reindeer. Traditional or mountain rustic, holiday or simple winter white, aspen will add natural elegance to your decor theme that will take all your beautiful flowers to the next level!


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