Wedding Design Trend: Pampas Grass!

If I could only tell you all the things that I love about the look of pampas grass in a wedding! This gorgeous floral design trend started as a niche for boho weddings but is now popping up in every type of event, from luxury to rustic and even minimal and modern events. Take a look at below at just a few of the endless ways to use this magical design element!

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Pampas grass is extremely versatile blending seamlessly into any type of decor plan. Eclectic, beautifully romantic and uniquely stylish, pampas grass adds instant texture to bouquets and backdrops, ceiling installations and table centerpieces. I really couldn’t tell you my favorite way to use pampas grass, but I can’t get enough of these sculptural altar structures!

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Speaking of sculptural, I am speechless over these hanging table installations. Perfect for the alternative couple that is looking for a boho chic vibe that will take their guests breath away. On a smaller scale, but making no less of a statement, add pampas grass to table centerpieces and runners, or simply letting it stand alone in a single vase.

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From classic and minimal to boho chic, pampas grass adds a clean, almost feather-like affect. I love showing how many different looks that can be created from the bouquets above. From deep and moody to clean and all white, pampas grass is the perfect alternative if you are not super into flowers.

Almost more decor than floral, there is just something so cool about the look and feel of pampas grass at a wedding. Not only does it look absolutely amazing but it is quite cost effective, very long lasting, a little goes a long way and a lot can make a Huge statement!


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