Wedding Dresses for the Budget Conscious and Boho Inspired

As myself, my friends and my clients are getting married, budget is big on my radar. One of the biggest things on my list is a wedding dress. After trying on a multitude of dresses, I started to become frustrated with finding a dress that fit into my budget while still being in the style that I have envisioned for myself. So, I wanted to pass along some tips and tricks for the budget conscious bride who might not be able to afford or doesn’t want to pay for a full priced wedding dress. Here are some ideas!


As a bride who does not want the traditional princess poofy dress, I wanted to find something that was a bit more relaxed while still being special. The first dress that I tried on at a dress shop that fit my style (photo above) was $500. Not bad. I was willing to spend that for the right dress. I went home to sleep on it and decided to do a bit of research. After a quick “white maxi dress” search online, I found the same dress at for $86!!! I could not believe my eyes. So began the search.

How gorgeous is this dress?! I love this simple lace style and it is very popular right now among brides. This dress is $100 on! You cannot beat these prices if you are looking for a lace dress that fits like a dream while still looking gorgeous, understated and returnable if you don’t like it!


The dress I finally ended on? This little beauty for $91. I added a lace robe with a train and a green fur jacket (inspired by a white crop jacket I found and wanted to add some green flare) for later in the night when it gets chilly. All for less than $300!

If you are a bride who can also sew a bit, you can find it is easy to make your own accessories. I found this amazing free pattern for a fur jacket online and used the same pattern for my robe just used longer fabric for the front and back pieces. Thank you Lindsay Woodward for your pattern! If you are not a seamstress, you can find these crop jackets at H&M, Zara or other online stores like Etsy!

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So, I am here to say as a wedding planner but also a bride, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for the look you are going for. With a bit of patience, some searching and some creativity you can find what you are looking for! Remember to search online, look at your local department stores and even check your local second hand stores. Have fun!


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