Whimsical Woodland Wedding Inspiration!

Here is a theme that is a little different, a little out of the ordinary and not most people picture when they think about weddings. Even if this down-to-earth style may not be exactly what you are going for, I believe it can still provide some really unique ideas that can be incorporated anywhere you like. Today I am talking about the whimsical woodland style, and specifically mushrooms!

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We are always looking for new and different products for our clients boutonnieres and this is one of the cutest ideas I have seen. Using tiny mushrooms for your mans buttonhole is simple and natural and doesn’t need anything more than some greenery or a little pop of color.

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Here’s something you have probably never seen before! I just love the textures in these super unique mushroom bouquets. Dried fan mushrooms, as seen top left, make great additions as well if you simply want to add them to a slightly more traditional bouquet.

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A minimal arrangement with ferns, moss and mushrooms are cost effective and make super cute table centerpieces. Pulling from the woods surrounding you for your cozy outdoor ceremony will make your guests feel as though they have stepped into another world.

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These may not be real, but for the mushroom enthusiast a cake with your favorite earthy treasure will make quite a statement. It is hard to beat a classic white case with your “signature flower” in little groupings.

Form transforming the ballroom at the Westin in Beaver Creek by draping the entire room in sheer white curtains to a small intimate gathering on mountain at Allie’s Cabin incorporating the natural and rustic surroundings, we do it all. At Alexan Events one of the things we love most about designing for our clients is taking their own unique personality and vision and turning it into the wedding they have been dreaming of.


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