Decor Rentals

Our event decor rental company in Denver has been collecting stunning, often one-of-a-kind design elements over the span of the last eight years.  From crystal & antler chandeliers, to remarkable wooden farm tables, to sheep skin rugs, vintage glass, giant lanterns and more, we have something for every style event you can dream of.

Since we serve as the designers and production company for our clients, we use our warehouse of inventory to craft exclusive, unparalleled events.  You will not find a more comprehensive catalog of wedding decor rentals to choose from anywhere in Colorado.  And, we travel all over the United States. So, those that are not lucky enough to live here do not have to settle.  We are happy to come to you.

Allow Us to Work for You

We have provided wedding rental decor in Denver, CO for many years. Our team is very much aware that the success of an event lies in the smallest of details. In other words, the design of your space sets the entire mood of your wedding or other equally thrilling event.

Our team is also aware that not everyone wants to buy decorations that they probably wouldn’t ever use again. For this reason, we provide decoration rental for weddings in Colorado. This way, you can still turn your vision into reality at a relatively lower cost. Our extensive rental inventory will be sure to fill your needs and budget.

You can trust that our event decor rental services will meet your demands. Over the years, we have collected an impressive range of design elements that match virtually any event theme. From vintage and cozy to modern and classy, we have the rental decor that will make your event stand out in the minds of all involved.

Talk to Our Team Today

Our core team of designers draws inspiration from all our clients. As a result, we have pooled a wide range of rental decor that will not disappoint even the most meticulous of brides and wedding planners. Get in touch with us today for event decor rental in Denver and country wide!