Spend some time in our studio, or for that matter, spend really anytime with us and you will learn quickly they there is a common passion in our ranks for the floral arts….Thirteen years ago we began the journey we are on today and started the floral design portion of Alexan Events.  In that time, we have seen every trend you can imagine, and we have loved them all.  Our staff does not specialize in one movement or another, but rather we excel at variety and innovation.  Our inspiration for floral design comes from our clients, their personalities, their style, and their interests.  We love the chance to interpret their visions into a flawlessly perfect representation of them.  It is a thrilling and satisfying venture. We spend time getting to know your likes and dislikes and that, in turn, gives you an unequaled floral design plan.


Often times event lighting gets overlooked, but it shouldn’t.  Quality lighting can create any mood and set the stage for your event.  Whether you want a romantic glow or an energetic party vibe, our theatre trained lighting technicians can illuminate your event space flawlessly.  With a wide range of chandeliers and stage lights, we will make sure to set the scene and create your perfect atmosphere.


Over the years, we have had the honor of building lovely, unique altar structures and Chuppahs for our clients.  With over 10 complelety stunning pieces to choose from, our clients have the benefit of being perfectly framed on their big day.  Of course, if we do not have what somene is looking for in our inventory, we are happy to handcraft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece just for them.  In fact, we love to do it.


We have been collecting stunning, often one-of-a-kind design elements over the span of the last eight years.  From crystal & antler chandeliers, to remarkable wooden farm tables, to sheep skin rugs, vintage glass, giant lanterns and more, we have something for every style event you can dream of. Since we serve as the designers and Production Company for our clients, we use our warehouse of inventory to craft exclusive, unparalled events.  You will not find a more comprehensive catalogue of items to choose from anywhere in Colorado.  And, we travel all over the Unites States. So, those that are not lucky enough to live here do not have to settle.  We are happy to come to you.


In additon to all the amazing decor elements we have that we use for our clients events, we also have an extensive collection of furniture for lounges and fun vingnettes.  Our inventory ranges from uber modern white leather pieces for high-end social events to rustic hide pieces perfect for a ranch wedding, and everything in between.  We have so much fun creating the perfect seating area for our clients and their guests. We also have fun setting up just a qwerky couch for clients photos or photobooths.  Whatever our clients may need soft seating and unique furniture pieces for, we have them covered.


Full Wedding Decor Design

Floral Design

Lighting Design

Custom Chuppah or Altar Structures

Decor Rentals/Design

Furniture Rentals

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